1Welcome and Introduction12:00Main Hall
2Harnessing faith to create a positive image in the mediaDr Anas Altikriti 12:30Main Hall
3Switching the mindset from (-ve) to (+ve)Sh AbdelRahman Mussa 12:45Main Hall
4Spoken Word PerformanceAseel Khattab 13:00Main Hall
5Why Women should be leading the change?Ameena Blake 13:10Main Hall
6Faith inspiration amongst the UK youthObada Sawalha 13:25Main Hall
7Break / Prayer / Stalls13:40Stalls Area
8Workshops Section A14:30Main Hall / Workshop rooms
9Workshops Section B15:30Main Hall / Workshop rooms
10NasheedsMuslim Belal 17:00Main Hall
11Session 217:10Main Hall
12Break / Prayer / Stalls18:00Stalls Area
13NasheedsMuslim Belal 18:45Main Hall
14ComedyNabil Abdul Rashid 18:55Main Hall
15Why Society needs more Faith.Dr Omer El-Hamdoon 19:15Main Hall
16Award Ceremony19:50Main Hall
17Vote of Thanks / Conclusion20:10Main Hall